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Gentle Muses started working at MassGeneral Hospital in 2002. The Boston Conservatory and selected Boston area harpists are trained to develop and carry out the intentions, goals, protocol, etiquette, and repertoire appropriate for performing music as a therapeutic service to compliment the medical work of MGH’s Cancer Center, pediatric and neonatal intensive care units and several in-patient floors.

Sources for this education are: The Volunteer Department at MGH, Cynthia Price-Glynn (Chair of the Harp Department at TBC), and specialized workshops and seminars run by GentleMUSES at the Boston Conservatory

At Mass General Hospital GentleMUSES play the small, Celtic-style “lever” harp. Some Muses are undergraduate or graduate students at The Boston Conservatory or other schools. Some teach music. Some Muses are freelance performers, recording artists, or both. Some are retired from professions in law, or retail, others have “day jobs” in such fields as university administration, computer science, psychology and translation. Several Muses are Certified Music Practitioners, trained by the nationwide Music for Healing and Transition Program to provide individualized bedside music. This is designed to help patients release tension, breathe more deeply, and experience less pain.

Each GentleMUSE plays his or her own personal repertoire of music. So you may hear selections from American, Folk, Celtic, European, classical, French Canadian, South American, Jewish, Christian and many other traditions, as well as improvisations.

All MUSES complete an MGH volunteer orientation and introductory training in using music therapeutically. This music differs from playing for personal expression or applause. It is more service than performance.

If you are interested in becoming a MUSE, please click here.


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