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Our Role in Science. The GentleMUSES intention in research projects is to
collaborate with medical personnel who measure the effects of live harp music on the health and well-being of participants, as well as its influence as a catalyst toward mental, spiritual, and physical healing.

For adult patients, "half of an hour of music produces the same effect as ten milligrams of Valium."

Dr. Raymond Bahr

Head of the Coronary Care Unit at Baltimore's
St. Agnes Hospital

At the California State University in Fresno, studies by psychologist Janet Lapp have shown that migraine patients who have started and continue to listen regularly to their favorite music have one-sixth as many headaches as before.

Some studies have shown that enriching the acoustic environment of neonatal units with music can increase the speed at which preterm infants gain weight and reduce their length of stay in the unit. (Int. J Arts Med. 1997; 5:4)

When used by surgical patients, music has been shown to reduce the need for anesthesia and pain relievers. Nurse-anesthetist Maureen Reilly of San Antonio, Texas is involved in research on the subject of music and anesthesia, as is Fred Schwartz, anesthesiologist at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia

The Gentle Muses play a variety of music, folk, classical, religious, modal to improvised. To listen, click on button above.

Rx Music: The Harp Prescription

Throughout history and the world, harp music has accompanied many celebrations and has facilitated significant situations like birth and death. People use harp music to be relaxed, inspired, revitalized, comforted, or healed. Unlike the profession of Music Therapy, which is usually interactive with listeners, GentleMUSES offer Passive Harp Therapy. This means that the music surrounds the listeners like an audio-bath, resonating with their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Currently there is a resurgence of this tradition among contemporary harpists and in contemporary medical settings where the benefits have been well documented . If you are interested in hearing a demonstration of GentleMUSE music, or having a Muse come to your healthcare facility to discuss a pilot project, please email

Why Gentle Muses in Healthcare Settings?

Our music enhances and complements the work of the medical community by creating a peaceful situation in which patients become more receptive to medical treatments, therapies, and procedures. Harp music can actually help to stabilize breathing, heart rate and vital signs, and increase patient progress and satisfaction.

Gentle Muses are trained at MassGeneral to collaborate with the medical community in providing a healing environment. The atmosphere created by GentleMUSE music benefits staff and employees. GentleMUSES help calm them to make their work more pleasant and therefore more effective.