Advisory Board
“Music is so powerful because it penetrates through our layers of defenses and opens up the psyche in a very direct way.”
Sarajane Williams

editor of the Harp Therapy Journal

“Architecture is frozen music. Music is liquid architecture. One is seen, one is heard, both are felt.”
Cynthia Price–Glynn
Chair of Harp Department at The Boston Conservatory
Principal Harpist for The Boston Ballet

“The human soul is a silent harp in God’s quire, whose strings need only to be swept by the divine breath to chime in with the harmonies of creation.”
Henry David Thoreau
in an 1843 journal

Harp Music and Healing
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Medical Journal Publications compiled by Liza Molina and Tom Phillips
Music Therapy by Medical Conditions
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Harp Music and Health Alzheimer’s and Aging Autism • Cancer/Oncology • Cardio-Vascular • Gastrointestinal • Hypertension • Insomnia and Sleeping Disorders • Mental Health (general) • Migraines • Neurology - Multiple Sclerosis • Neurology- Parkinson’s • Pain Management • Pediatric Care • Pregnancy