Advisory Board

Recognition for the Gentle Muses Program

“The response from Cancer Center patients, families and staff has been tremendous. People find the music soothing and comforting. These trained harpists blend into the environment, which contribute to the sense of peace. Our staff also feels this calming effect. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to partner with the Gentle Muses and the Boston Conservatory."

Katie Binda

LICSW, Director of the HOPES Program,
Cancer Center, MGH

"As a staff RN on this busy unit, I find it extremely relaxing. It can very much take the edge off the stress of the demands of a busy area. I have always heard positive feedback from patients as well. Thank you."

"I think having harp music helps to relieve stress in patients and staff on a hectic day. It helps me relax and I can re-focus. We need to have harpists here more often."

"Absolutely wonderful! I have chemotherapy today and I was anxious until I sat and listened to the music."

"I find it wonderful to have this kind of music in such a hectic environment. It is a moment of peace and serenity."

“I felt lousy after my diagnosis, but hearing your harp music was like the sun appearing on a cloudy day. I am now inspired to embark on the challenges ahead of me.”

The Gentle Muses play a variety of music, folk, classical, religious, modal to improvised. To listen, click on button above.

We are part of a growing movement in medicine and music that recognizes the power of music to diminish stress. We aim to expand our influence (to energize as well as to relax) throughout health-care venues and into other areas of life where stress is often present—for example business, political, judicial, retail, even social venues.

Through the collaboration of The Boston Conservatory and MassGeneral Hospital, the GentleMUSES have the highest musical and medical credibility. They have bridged the gap between music and medicine by serving 6,240 people in the past two years. The GentleMUSES have received incubation funding from the American Truths Foundation, Inc., a small family foundation that develops and supports a broad range of historical, scientific, artistic, cultural and educational pursuits that display and promote interaction, understanding and respect among peoples.

In order to meet our goal of expanding our program to diminish stress in five more Massachusetts hospitals by December 2006, we are seeking support.

If you would like to contribute, you can support the Gentle Muses in many ways. One way is to make a tax-deductible direct donation to the American Truths Foundation, Inc.

When you give to the Gentle Muses, your money is used to help more Massachusetts hospitals afford harp music. You contribute to the overhead of establishing a harp program. Your gift of $2,500 will buy a Blevins Encore 34 string harp plus heavy case and tuning key. Your gift of $90 will buy a necessary extra set of strings. Your gift of $70 will buy a portable bench. Your gift of $50 will buy a four-wheeled dolly for the harp. Your gift of $40 will buy a cloth cover. Your gift of $25 will buy a tuning machine. Your gift of $18 will buy a tuner pickup.

You can also support the GentleMUSES by booking a GentleMUSE to play for your loved one in a hospital or other caregiving facility.

Another way to support our work is to become a GentleMUSE and enable us to keep providing therapeutic harp music in the New England area.

We look forward to hearing from you!